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these are two applications using the wxWidgets c++ framework, connecting to a SQLite database
by a small c++ class called sqliteDB, an interface with only very basic functions, like open, close, statement and query:

sqLiteDB();				// constructor
bool CreateDB(wxString);		// creates a new database
bool OpenDB(wxString);			// opens an existing database
void CloseDB();				// closes the database

wxArrayString sqlQuery(wxString);	// queries the database (e.g. to get the tables)
bool sqlStat(wxString);			// sends a statement to the database (e.g. to insert values into tables)
wxString c2wx(const unsigned char*);	// converts sqlite utf-8 string to wxwidgets local encoding
there are more powerful wrappers out there, see wxsqlite or wxcode/database


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